Ecosystem Rewards in the Ofero Network

The Ofero Network rewards its users based on their calculated (𝓥) Value within the ecosystem, which is determined by a variety of factors. The Ecosystem Rewards differ depending on the user’s role, with Aegises receiving a 15% APR, Validators receiving a 10% APR, and Validated Users receiving a 5% APR. Non-Validated users are not eligible for Ecosystem Rewards.


15% APR


10% APR

Validated Users

5% APR

𝓥 - The Value

In the Ofero Network, the symbol 𝓥 represents “The Value”, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) used to measure a user’s overall worth and influence within the ecosystem. The Value is calculated based on a combination of factors, including token ownership, participation in network activities, and the user’s role in the ecosystem (e.g., Aegis, Validator, Validated User).

By incorporating these diverse components, the Ofero Network creates a dynamic rewards system that encourages user engagement and fosters community growth.

Understanding Your Ofero Network Value - 𝓥

As a holder in the Ofero Network ecosystem, your Value, denoted by the symbol 𝓥, is assessed based on a range of factors. These factors encompass your engagement within the network, your possession of OFE Tokens, and your involvement in various activities integral to the ecosystem.

A primary determinant of your value is your ownership of Ofero tokens (OFE). Your current OFE balance is incorporated into your overall value on a 1:1 basis, providing users with access to a cutting-edge staking system known as Sight Staking.

Sight Staking enables users to fully capitalize on staking rewards in the form of Ecosystem Rewards, which are based on their Value. This is achieved by merely holding OFE tokens in their wallet, eliminating the need for transferring tokens into a smart contract, imposing any lock restrictions, or requiring a bonding period.

Validators in the network benefit from a 25% contribution to their Value from validated wallets holdings. A 𝓥5,000 bonus awaits those who become Validators, and adding Validators results in a 𝓥500 value boost.

Aegis ownership provides a 𝓥1,000,000 value increase, while Aegis administrators enjoy a 𝓥10,000 addition.

Moreover, customized values are attributed to specific activities within the ecosystem. Examples of such activities include engaging in community events as a member or validator, maintaining an active presence on social media channels, and other similar actions as determined by the governance system overseeing the ecosystem.

In summary, the Ofero Network evaluates your Value based on an array of factors, all meticulously designed to incentivize and reward active participation within the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Rewards are governed by an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that is contingent upon your current Value within the ecosystem. For instance, a Validator with a value of 𝓥120,000 will receive a monthly reward of 1,000 OFE tokens.

Optimize your value to ensure more substantial monthly rewards.

Ecosystem Rewards Breakdown

User Role


Value KPI Calculation

Ecosystem Reward



Based on Value KPI

15% APR based on the Aegis’s Value KPI



Based on Value KPI

10% APR based on the Validator’s Value KPI

Validated User


Based on Value KPI

5% APR based on the Validated User’s Value KPI

Non-Validated User


Not eligible for ecosystem rewards

Not eligible for ecosystem rewards

Ecosystem Rewards Breakdown




Validated Wallet Holdings

25% of all validated wallet holdings (if the user is a Validator)

25% of validated wallets

Migrated Tokens

100% of migrated tokens to the BNB Chain

100% of migrated tokens

Validator Creation

For each Validator created in the ecosystem

𝓥500 per validator

Wallet Onboarding

For each validated wallet onboarded

𝓥100 per onboarded wallet

Public Profile

For having a public profile


Becoming a Validator

If the user decides to become a Validator


Owning an Aegis

If the user owns an Aegis


Aegis Admin

If the user is an admin of an Aegis


Under an Aegis

If the user is under an Aegis (not in Underworld)


OFE Balance

Sight-Staking | Current OFE balance added on a 1:1 basis

1:1 OFE balance

Custom Activities

Custom values for activities within the ecosystem

Custom values

Please note that the Ofero Network Value Calculation Program is currently in Beta mode and may be subject to adjustments without prior notice.