#adVentureStaking Program Overview​

The #adVentureStaking Program operates on a transparent Venture-backed system, providing participants with the opportunity to earn rewards based on their staked tokens. The program runs until March 2025, with monthly updates to its settings.

This Sight Staking Architecture, also known as Liquid Staking, lets you use your tokens during the month. You just need to have the staked tokens at the end of the month in your wallet to get the reward.

Monthly Staking fee: 10% of the staked amount payable only in OFE tokens (fee applies for Tier 1,2,3)
Participating Ventures with 10M OFE each: hatOFFASHFourYates
#adVentureStaking Wallet Address:   erd1yex…..xxxxxxs4yh6uk
#adVentureStaking Wallet Value:
36,431,708.0000 OFE (~$209,600.00 USD)

Understanding Rewards and Token Conversion

When you join #adVentureStaking, note that the high APR shown doesn’t directly reward you in OFE tokens. Instead, your staked tokens are ‘virtually converted’ to their equivalent value in USDC, and the APR is calculated based on this USDC value. The staked tokens are secured up to a specific amount through the support of private ventures.

All OFE Holders that have the Minimum Tokens to Stake (according to Settings) will be automatically added to Tier 4 Staking (formerly Sight Staking). For Tier 4 Staking, calculations are based on the amount of OFE held, and the reward will be in OFE tokens at the end of the month, unlike other Tiers which use USDC for calculations.

 Program Settings and Timeline

November 2023

Start date:1 November 2023
End date:30 November 2023 00:00 UTC
Rewards Date:30 November 2023
The average price of OFE on November 1, 20230.003623
The average price of OFE on November 29, 20230.0046755
Tier 1 APR840%
Tier 2 APR540%
Tier 3 APR360%
Minimum Tokens to Stake50.000 OFE
Minimum wallet holdings

100.000 OFE

December 2023

Start date:1 December 2023
End date:3 January 2024 00:00 UTC
Rewards Date:3 January 2024
The starting price of OFE on December 1, 20230.00466
The average price of OFE on January 2, 2024N/A yet
Tier 1 APR600%
Tier 2 APR360%
Tier 3 APR240%
Tier 4* APR (0 fee)8.4%
Minimum Tokens to Stake65.000 OFE

January 2024

Start date:4 January 2024
End date:31 January 2024 00:00 UTC
Rewards Date:31  January 2024
The average price of OFE on January 4, 2024N/A yet
The average price of OFE on January 30, 2024N/A yet
Tier 1 APR480%
Tier 2 APR300%
Tier 3 APR180%
Tier 4* APR (0 fee)8.4%
Minimum Tokens to StakeN/A yet
(~$250 worth of OFE)

February 2024

Start date:1 February 2024
End date:29 February 2024 00:00 UTC
Rewards Date:29 February 2024
The average price of OFE on February 1, 2024N/A yet
The average price of OFE on February 28, 2024N/A yet
Tier 1 APRN/A yet
Tier 2 APRN/A yet
Tier 3 APRN/A yet
Tier 4* APR (0 fee)8.4%
Minimum Tokens to StakeN/A yet
(~$200 worth of OFE)
Tier Information

Core Contributors, Insiders, and Project Members actively driving the project’s growth and development.

Validators and Validated Members from the Ofero Network Ecosystem

Anonymous OFE holders who are paying the Fee for the Staking program.

Valuable OFE holders who forgot to pay the staking fee and own the Minimum Amount of Tokens to Stake (according to Settings)

Upgrade to Tier 1

Share your ideas, explain how you can contribute, and give reasons why you should be upgraded to Tier 1.

Need more information? Reach us on Telegram @oferonetwork

Important note:

At the end of each month in the #adVentureStaking program, the number of OFE tokens you can earn may vary a lot, from many tokens to none at all. The result depends on the OFE/USDC price at the End Date mentioned in the Settings section each month

Disclaimer: Investment involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Please ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the Ofero Network Token and of the #adVentureStaking Program described above before participating.

* Please read this page every time you decide to stake because the settings of the program can and will be updated monthly.