Ofero Network`s FAQ!

Our focus and our vision is to let people discover the project by themselves. (Make their on DYOR -> Engage in the community -> Ask questions -> Become curious.)

Unfortunately, we just can’t summarize the whole project in one video or an article, so we urge you to check our official site https://ofero.network and any questions you can ask us live on t.me/oferonetwork 

You can relax and count the rewards which are coming at the end of every month from sight staking, or you can migrate your tokens on the BSC Blockchain. Can go to https://ofero.exchange and at balance you’ll see the rewards gathering by second.

It is in plan, things are prepared, we already had discussions with a few, some of them contacted us for listing, but at this moment it is postponed due to this bear market. We saw a lot of projects listed on new DEX/CEX, and they had a peak and went down badly, so it isn’t a good time now.

At this point there are 3 official telegram groups, all of them are international and official language – English:

1. t.me/oferonetwork – ofero.network official Telegram Group
2. Ofero Network Validators – Reserved only vor validators
3. t.me/oferonetworkannouncements  – Official Ofero Network Announcements

Quarry project is live! And already first Real world profits distributed through staking for validated wallets were released.

Yes, there will be a major public event held in Q3 according to our Roadmap. Team is working on it, we can disclose any other insights at this point.

Adding liquidity is a two bladed sword, we made our calculations and for the moment is enough.

Currently, the team is expanding in each section. We are working to cover each section as good as we can.

Your intuition was right. Peer to peer validation will always be an important part of being a Validator, but starting from 1st of February 2023, users can also validate themselves through the Aegis. Please check the link below for more info: https://ofero.network/the-aegis/

We choose MultiversX because it’s one of the best blockchains in the world, the team is very supportive and responsive, and we have a lot of documentation at our disposal. They always keep an eye on the security, and they proved to be one of the safest in the world. The code on ofero.exchange was developed from scratch on a new technology called Svelte. This helped us to create the fastest DEX in the world according to pagespeed.web.dev creating it simple and fast and making it user-friendly

Yes, $OFE will be a multichain token. We’re launching on BNB Smart Chain on 7th April. Next blockchains are yet to be disclosed.

First, ofero is looking to integrate real life assets with blockchain technology. For example, our project – The Quarry (that is already working, a company in real life and the rewards from which just got distributed at the end of 2022), the green energy park, real estate developing and ofero.ro platform. Ofero project is looking to increase its token value by using it (increasing the number of holders) and growing its utility in real life by adding even more projects.

We were blockchain enthusiasts for a long time, and we’re living our dream, developing this amazing project. Honestly, we’re struggling a lot. Every day is a new battle. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But we never surrender.

Building new products, adding new features, keeping very close with the community. We build it and holders will come. The best marketing is the experience our holders have in our ecosystem.

We have an innovative staking system called Sight Staking. You keep your $OFE tokens on your wallet and you will receive the staking rewards monthly. This staking option is available only for the validated wallets and for the Validators.

We have an innovative staking system called Sight Staking. You keep your $OFE tokens in your wallet, and you will receive the staking rewards monthly. This staking option is available only for the validated wallets and for the Validators.

Yes, we have in plan to promote to US, Australia, Europe etc. At this moment the telegram channel just god divided in different language communities.

Our exchange performs, at the momen, a simple swap function on MultiversX, and it is the fastest DEX in the world according to pagespeed.web.dev  . The Limit Orders is not possible yet live on the Blockchain technology because it requires the user to sign the transaction. Our own NFT marketplace is available on ofero.market, but still under development.

The Validation platform gives the privilege to validated users to vote, to migrate to BSC, to have a word in our ecosystem, to get sight-staking without bonding. It is an alternative long term KYC to protect the ecosystem. You can be Validated by the Aegis and skip the peer to peer validation.

Everything we create is on Web3.

After launching the Aegis, the exclusivity of the Validators skyrocketed.

Ofero Network goals for the next 5 years are: 1mil addresses and 1 billion dollars market cap.

As a Validator, you will be eligible for Validation rewards of 3.6% APR from all the validated wallets. Voting, signing transactions, migration to other blockchains.

We will accept projects with common ground, and that is the real life utility and application.

Probably will remain the same 3.6% from the validated wallets.

It is easy to do it on every platform, Apple, Microsoft, Android, etc…

Something like this is in work, but first we must finish insurance, Aegis, migration.

That if you deliver what you promise, you will succeed.

  1. More face to face interaction with the community.
  2. Bring more people in the team
  3. More and better communication with the community.

Functionally and technically yes, emotionally we were born prepared.

That they are making a very good investment.

No. We have our own staking system, created entirely by us.

Those who will migrate to BSC will definitely sell up to the price on  xExchange, then through arbitrage the price will be equalized.

Any project voted by the OFERO community, but with common ground, and only with Ofero token.

This link will get you to our roadmap – https://ofero.network/roadmap/

     This link will get you to our team – https://ofero.network/team/

The validator right is not lost if, after the migration, less than 50k $OFE remain in the wallet that performs the migration. The reverse is also true, if you first migrate 50k $OFE, you have the right to become a validator. But if you sell the tokens and you will remain with less than 50.000 $OFE you will loose the validator rights.

We hadn’t thought of this. However, we invest in projects that are easy to manage, to produce drinks from scratch requires investment and know-how. I don’t think it fits us at this point.

Regarding the photovoltaic park, it is under discussion considering the chaotic changes in energy. Regarding wind turbines, they require a large investment to produce, and the location and wind is key for such a project to be functional and profitable, this creates difficulties in  managing such a project. The hydropower plants installed on the rivers also require a large investment. To start one from scratch, with the purchase of components, installation, landscaping, land rental, even taking an older one and refurbishing it requires large sums. As an idea, a small to medium size turbine starts somewhere between 800k – 1 mil. Euro. Same as in the case of wind turbines, the location must ensure a sufficient flow of water so that it produces 12 months a year and does not affect the ecosystem, capturing all the water supply. Obviously, everything has a solution. With time, the right team and capital, everything is possible!

No, it’s not in our plan. The legislation in this field is not regulated at the moment. What is important to mention is that we cannot invest in all areas at once, we must analyze the areas very well and be efficient with resources.

It is already in the form of a progressive web app. It can be added to the main screen and behaves exactly like a mobile application.

Any $OFE holder is important, it does not necessarily matter the amount invested, because it is compensated by the number of investors. The more of us, the better. Also, anyone can get rewards for the promotion work they do.

For the event to succeed, at this moment the best solution is to keep all the details under lock and key, at least until the main objectives are completed. We will announce on official channels with enough time till the start of the event.