The path.

Although it may change from time to time as we always need to adapt, you will find below our current path. Things we’ve already done and a future plan we’re working on.

1st Quarter 2022

  • Whitepaper Release


  • Team Members Release


  • Token Presale


  • Partnership with


  • End of First Presale


  • Second Presale Phase


2nd Quarter 2022

  • $OFE xExchange Listing


  • $OFE Listing


  • Ofero Events Launch


  • First Exclusive NFT Event (SOLD OUT)


  • $OFE Farming Program


3rd Quarter 2022

  • $OFE Farming Rewards Distribution


  • Ofero.Exchange Launch


  • Partnership with Crust Network


  • Decentralized P2P KYC/AML: Development of a peer-to-peer decentralized KYC/AML solution to streamline the user verification process while maintaining user privacy,


4th Quarter 2022

  • Multichain Announcement


  • Gamification & Trading Competition Announcement


  • Migration to BNB Chain


  • $OFE on


  • Ofero Network Aegis Launch


1st Quarter 2023

  • Privacy Updates on Private Platform


  • New Blockchain Marketing Platform Launch


  • Aegis Earnings Update


  • $OFE Top 3 Trading Volume on xExchange


  • BNB Chain Update


  • $OFE Listings: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko,, Coinbase, etc.


  • $OFE DEX Legacy Campaign


  • $OFE on Trust Wallet


  • First 12 Aegises Launch


  • Ofero Wallet Launch


  • The Value Launch


  • Ofero App Launch


2nd Quarter 2023

  • Blitz Presale on BNB Chain


  • Distribution to Validators


  • End of Blitz Presale


  • Ofero Network BNB Chain Launch


  • Team Expansion


  • Ofero Connect


  • xBoost Launch


  • Proteo De-Fi Partnership


3rd Quarter 2023

  • Community Growth: Launching initiatives to engage and grow the Ofero Network community, such as contests, AMAs, and educational content


  • Sibiu Fashion Days Event


  • Cross-Chain Bridge Launch


4th Quarter 2023

  • Validators Inception


  • Governance System Introduction (The Arena)

  • #adVentureStaking introduction

1st Quarter 2024

  • Implementation of a Decentralized Voting Mechanism for Community-Driven Decision-Making

  • Starting development for the Ofero Network Mobile App

  • Strategic Partnership with Leading DeFi Protocols

  • Establishment of an Educational Platform Focused on Project's Technology and Use Cases

  • Custom Blockchain Explorers & Data Visualization Tools Development

2nd Quarter 2024

  • Expansion into New Markets and Regions, with a Focus on Emerging Economies

  • SDK & API Release: Development and release of software development kits and APIs to encourage third-party integrations and collaborations

  • Hosting of an Annual Conference or Meetup, Bringing Together Industry Leaders and Community Members

3rd Quarter 2024

  • Establishment of a Research Division to Investigate and Develop Cutting-Edge Blockchain Technologies

  • Ecosystem Growth: Expanding the Ofero Network's ecosystem through strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders and innovative projects

4th Quarter 2024

  • Creation of a Charity or Social Impact Fund to Support Initiatives Aligned with the Project's Mission and Values

  • Further Exchange Listings: Continued expansion on additional exchanges, increasing the project's reach and accessibility for users around the world

1st Quarter 2025

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring the Ofero Network adheres to global regulatory frameworks, positioning it as a reliable and secure project

  • Creation of a dedicated customer support team to address user inquiries and issues.

  • Global Expansion: Establishing regional teams to provide localized support and resources for Ofero Network users worldwide

2nd Quarter 2025

  • Tier 1 CEX Listing

  • Sponsorship of industry events and conferences to increase visibility and adoption

  • Onboarding Institutional Investors

and more to come.


Transformation of the Ofero Network into a solid digital ecosystem and the organic increase in value and usefulness for the Ofero Token (OFE).


The Ofero Token (OFE) becomes an important asset in the user’s digital wallet and provides him with financial independence and personal development.