Welcome to Ofero Network

Ofero Network is an asset-backed innovative ecosystem based on  the PoTT protocol (Proof of Trust and Transparency), developed on MultiversX and extended across multiple blockchains.

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about ofero network

$OFE & Ofero Network

The Ofero token ($OFE) is built on the MultiversX POS (Proof of Stake) Blockchain.

What are we creating?

We are building business tokenization programs and marketing strategies on the blockchain.

Why we do it?

To empower every single person in order to become a stakeholder in real life businesses.

How it helps?

This fusion between real world assets, blockchain staking and NFT technology will massively benefit both the business and the OFE project by adding a new stream of decentralized income to the business and an immense growth in the number of holders, the percentage of the token staked and the stability of the token provided by the constant infusion of fiat into the OFE pool.

Ofero Token Distribution

The Ofero Token distribution at 10 September 2022 is as it follows:

Circulating Supply + Exchange

for Farming and Staking

Reserved for World Wide Adoption Strategy

for Education and Marketing

Team (10-year vesting)

to Romanian Business owners registered on ofero.ro

ASH Ventures

hatOFF Ventures

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