Financial Budget Allocation

Budget Managers

Out of the 500 SFTs owned by the Ofero Network, 12% of these (as described in the above chart), totaling 60 SFTs, will generate staking rewards for the core team. These rewards will be allocated to fund the core team salaries as follows:

  • 15x to CEO
  • 15x to CTO
  • 10x to CMO
  • 10x to COO
  • 10x to CFO

Management of the budgets

  1. The CTO will manage the Development and the Audits and Security budget
  2. The COO will manage the Business Development, the Legal and compliance and the Operational Costs budget.
  3. The CMO will manage the Marketing & Events Budget

The CEO and CFO will approve any budget movement and will be executed with a multi-sig request.

Running from the 1st of February 2024 to the 31st of January 2026.