Investment Program (BETA)

The Ofero Investment Program is based on a transparent Venture-backed system.

The program runs from 1st of November 2023 to 30 November 2023 and will be extended until March 2025 with monthly updates.

Investment Closed @ $0.003623 / OFE

Next Phase starting on 1st of December 2023

The Investors List
Country Telegram Wallet Timestamp OFE Investment Tier Tokens Value on 1st of November Fee Expected Profit Est. OFE Tokens (Volatile)
How it works:
Monthly Investment:
    • To secure your income, on the first day of each month, you’ll pay a 10% fee in OFE Tokens based on the total amount that you wish to invest.
    • The investment fee is paid in OFE, and it is calculated in USDC based on a reference price that is the average of the daily price from the first day of the month, according to CoinMarketCap OFE/WEGLD pair. The investor’s earnings are based on the average price of the OFE/WEGLD token price expressed in USDC on the day preceding the last day of the current month, as displayed also on CoinMarketCap. For example, in a 31-day month, the average price of the OFE token on the 30th is used, and the payout is on the 31st.
    • Only wallets with more than 100.000 OFE are eligible for the investment program.
Three Tiers of Participation:
    • Your investment will be assigned to one of the following tiers, each with a corresponding APR, as described below:
      • Tier 1 (~840% APR): Active members who actively contribute to the Ofero Network.
      • Tier 2 (~540% APR): Validated investors within the Ofero Network.
      • Tier 3 (~360% APR): Anonymous investors.
Mandatory Ofero Tasks:
    • To qualify for the investment program, you must take part in the ecosystem by doing easy tasks every month. These tasks are meant to help you understand and use Ofero’s products and services, which can boost your earnings and benefit the ecosystem. This month’s task is to send* 2 OFE to a friend using Trust Wallet and
      * If you have the MultiversX Guardian enabled on your wallet you need to send 2 OFE just with xPortal to a friend. This workaround is due to the incompatibility issue between Guardian and Trust Wallet.
Real-Time Earnings Monitoring:
    • Depending on the tier you belong to, you can simulate your potential earnings below on this page.
End-of-Month Payout:
    • You can trade & spend your OFE tokens during the month but at the end of it, before the payout, you will need to have on your wallet the entire invested amount (without the 10% fee), in order to automatically receive on your wallet the return of the investment through the Oracle.
Venture-Backed Guarantees:
    • Your investment is backed by reliable ventures. It’s important to note that the total value of tokens received as compensation by this program cannot exceed 40,000,000 OFE (~$52,917.00 USD). If this limit is reached, the ventures will be liquidated, and the tokens will be distributed based on each shareholder’s investment.
Investment Calculator


Remaining OFE Tokens after paying the fee:

Total USDC Value of your invested OFE at 1 Nov:

Total OFE Value Expected after APR payout:

Your total income based on OFE price at 29 November:

Tokens Received from Venture:

USD Value of Received Tokens:

Total value in USDC at the end of the investment program (30 November):

Disclaimer: Investment involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Please ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the Ofero Network Token and of the Investment Program described above before participating.
* Please read this page every time you invest because the APR, the tasks, and the minimum investment amount will be updated monthly.

Flag Telegram ID Max. investment Fee Wallet Address Tier Monthly earning Total amount Eligible
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