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Get Validated

Welcome to the “Get Validated” page!

Becoming validated within the Ofero Network grants you access to Ecosystem Rewards and a range of exclusive benefits.


15% APR


10% APR

Validated Users

5% APR

Benefits of Getting Validated in the Ofero Network



Eligibility for Ecosystem Rewards

Validated users can participate in Ecosystem Rewards, such as Sight Staking, with no lock or bond required

Increased Value in the Ofero Network

Validated users have higher value within the Ofero Network, calculated based on various factors

Access to Exclusive Features and Opportunities

Validated users have access to unique features and opportunities within the Ofero Network

Value Calculation Factors for Validated Users

Value Calculation


Sight-Staking | Current OFE balance

Current OFE balance added 1:1

For joining Ofero Network and making your profile public

$100 for having a public profile

If you decide to become a Validator

$5,000 for becoming a Validator

For each validated wallet you onboard

$100 per onboarded wallet

25% from all $OFE Holdings of the validated wallets

25% of all validated wallets

For each Validator you create in the Ecosystem

$500 per validator

If you own an Aegis

$1,000,000 for owning an Aegis

If you are an admin of Aegis

$10,000 for being an Aegis admin

If you are under an Aegis (not in Underworld)

$1,000 for being under an Aegis (not in Underworld)

Custom values for activities inside the ecosystem

Custom values for participating in events, being active on social media, etc.

*Note: The Ofero Network Value Calculation Program is in Beta mode and might be adjusted accordingly without any prior notice.

By becoming a validated user, you unlock numerous benefits and opportunities within the Ofero Network. These benefits include increased value in the ecosystem, access to exclusive features, and eligibility for ecosystem rewards. This validation process ensures a secure, transparent, and thriving network for all members, fostering growth and sustainability in the community.

Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless validation process

Step 1: Contact a Validator

Reach out to a Validator or Team Member via the Ofero Network Telegram channel to initiate the validation process. Remember, only known users will be validated by Validators. Establishing contact with a Validator is the first step toward becoming a validated member of the Ofero Network community.

Step 2: Complete the Edit User Form (a link will be sent by your chosen Validator)

To get validated, you need to provide the following information:

Required Information


First and Second Name

Your given names

Last Name

(Family name)

Your family name


(must be unique)

A unique username for the Ofero Network

Telegram Username

Your Telegram handle (

MultiversX Wallet Address

Your MultiversX wallet address

BNB Wallet Address

Your BNB wallet address (do not use CEX addresses)

Current Location

Your city and country

Upload Profile Picture

A profile picture for your Ofero Network account

Privacy Settings

Choose who can see your profile

(Everyone, Ofero Community, or Private)

Step 3: Verification

After submitting the Edit User Form, Validators will verify your identity using the provided proof picture, video call, or selfie. Ensure you have a valid form of identification ready for this step. The verification process is essential to maintaining the security and integrity of the Ofero Network.

Upon successful completion of these steps, your validation status will be updated, and you’ll be eligible to receive ecosystem rewards within the Ofero Network. Validation is not only a requirement for accessing rewards but also an essential process to guarantee a secure, transparent, and thriving ecosystem for all members.

Remember that becoming validated means joining an exclusive community of individuals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of trust, security, and knowledge within the Ofero Network. As a validated member, you contribute to the network’s sustainability and growth, reaping the benefits of your commitment and active participation.

Trustworthy User Initiative (TUI): A Comprehensive Penalty System for Validated Users in the Ofero Network

The Trustworthy User Initiative (TUI) is a robust penalty system designed to maintain the integrity, security, and trust within the Ofero Network by ensuring that validated users adhere to the highest standards and comply with the network’s rules and guidelines.

Penalty System for Validated Users:

  1. Account Suspension: If a validated user is found to be participating in fraudulent or malicious activities, their account may be temporarily suspended, with the suspension duration determined by the severity of the offense. During the suspension period, the user will not receive any passive income or Ecosystem Rewards.
  2. Account Termination: In cases of severe or repeated violations, a validated user’s account may be permanently terminated. This results in the loss of all associated privileges, benefits, and exclusion from the Ofero Network.
  3. Revalidation Requirement: If a validated user’s account is flagged for suspicious activity, they may be required to undergo the validation process again. This may involve providing additional proof of identity and re-establishing trust with a Validator.
  4. Decreased Ecosystem Rewards: If a validated user consistently fails to participate actively within the Ofero Network or engage with the community, their Ecosystem Rewards may be reduced, depending on the degree of inactivity.
  5. Temporary Loss of Exclusive Features and Opportunities: If a validated user is found to be misusing exclusive features and opportunities within the Ofero Network, they may temporarily lose access to these benefits, with the duration determined by the severity of the misuse.


The Trustworthy User Initiative ensures that validated users within the Ofero Network maintain the highest levels of trust, integrity, and compliance with the network’s rules and guidelines. By implementing a strong penalty system for validated users, the Ofero Network sustains a secure, reliable, and transparent environment, fostering growth and sustainability for all its members.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team or reach out to our community members on Telegram. We are here to help you through every step of the validation process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience on the Ofero Network.