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Validators in the Ofero Network: Upholders of Trust and Promoters of Knowledge

In the Ofero Network, Validators are essential figures who ensure the security, integrity, foster growth, and facilitate seamless user experiences of the ecosystem. They play a significant role in cultivating a thriving community by offering valuable support, guidance, and education to newcomers.

The Validators platform,, is a bespoke, peer-to-peer KYC/AML platform designed to facilitate the onboarding and validation of new users within the network.

By participating in the validation process, users become eligible for Ecosystem rewards, enhancing their experience in the Ofero Network. Validators are responsible for verifying the identities of new users and providing them with essential knowledge and guidance, contributing significantly to the growth and sustainability of the community.

The platform empowers Validators and users alike to maintain the highest standards of security, trust, and compliance within the Ofero Network.

Becoming a Validator

To become a Validator, you must:

- Know how the Ofero Netwok Ecosystem works
- Contact a Team Member or an existing Validator on our Telegram channel to start the validation process

Validation Process and Requirements

- Validate only known users
- Provide proof of validation, such as a video call (screenshot) or photo with the validated individual

Benefits of Becoming a Validator

- Win various prizes based on your participation

Validator Responsibilities

- Verify and onboard new users
- Educate new users about security, technology, and navigating the on-chain financial ecosystem
- Provide comprehensive information about the Ofero Network

Key Features of Validators in the Ofero Network




Ensure security, foster growth, and facilitate seamless user experiences


Undergo validation process


Win various prizes based on your participation


Verify and onboard new users, educate and support the community

Key Features of Validators in the Ofero Network

The Vigilant Validator Protocol (VVP) is an innovative penalty system designed to maintain the integrity and security of the Ofero Network by ensuring Validators remain active, trustworthy, and committed to their responsibilities.

Penalty System for Validators:

  1. Inactivity Penalty: If a Validator remains inactive and fails to validate a new wallet for 30 days, they will lose their Validator status, their Ecosystem Reward will decrease from 10% APR to 5% APR (similar to a simple validated user), and all their Validator KPIs will reset to 0 𝓥 Value.
  2. Fraudulent Validation Penalty: If a Validator validates a fake user, they will be subjected to an investigation. Based on the investigation results, they may face temporary suspension or permanent loss of their Validator position.
  3. Validator Suspension: If a Validator is found to be involved in fraudulent or malicious activities, they may be temporarily suspended. During this suspension period, the Validator will not receive any passive income or Ecosystem Rewards. The duration of the suspension will be determined based on the severity of the offense.
  4. Validator Termination: In cases of severe or repeated violations, a Validator’s position may be permanently terminated, resulting in the loss of all associated privileges and benefits.
  5. Revalidation Requirement: If a Validator’s account is flagged for suspicious activity, they may be required to undergo the validation process again. This may involve providing additional proof of identity and re-establishing trust with the Ofero Network.

The Vigilant Validator Protocol ensures that Validators in the Ofero Network adhere to the highest standards of trust and integrity, while actively contributing to the security, growth, and seamless user experiences within the ecosystem.

By implementing a robust penalty system for Validators, the Ofero Network maintains a secure, reliable, and transparent environment for all its users.


Current Validators

We are proud to have the following Validators in our Ecosystem (we have listed their names in a random order):

If you have any further questions about becoming a Validator, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Telegram channel. We appreciate your support and look forward to your participation in the Ofero Network community.