The Validators

As a Validator, you play a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of our network. Here’s what you need to know to become a Validator and help the Oferians to participate in the cross-chain bridging to the BNB Chain.

Becoming a Validator

To become a Validator and be eligible to validate other accounts, you must own at least 50,000 OFE tokens. Once you have met this requirement, you can contact a Team Member or an existing Validator on our Telegram channel ( to start the validation process. Please note that only known users will be validated by validators, and further verification may be necessary, such as making a video call or taking a photo with the Validator.

Cross-chain bridging to BNB Chain

We are excited to announce the cross-chain bridging of Ofero Network to the BNB Chain (Binance Blockchain). A maximum amount of 100,000 OFE tokens per wallet/user can be deposited into the Ofero Network’s Smart Contract to initiate the bridging process. Investors will be able to bridge 20% out of the 100k OFE tokens on the BNB Chain, while the remaining 80% will be locked for six months on the MultiversX Blockchain and will be released in steps (5% out of 100% at each 5 days).

The launch price on the BNB Chain will be 1 BNB / 1600 OFE. To bridge your MultiversX Tokens to the BNB Smart Chain, your wallet must be validated by a Validator.

Validator Benefits

As a Validator, you will receive a reward equal to 0.1% of the total amount that will be transferred to the BNB Chain through the bridging process. (Check out the currently bridged tokens: erd1jeucjgwh34sgqf3dpgl2w59ejnvxlsnu56u8qzfy8ph4xshkvm5ss8dydy) This reward will be awarded after the bridging program completes.

Validated wallets will also receive ecosystem rewards based on their value, which will be distributed at the beginning of each month.

Important Rules

As a Validator, if you are validating someone you have not met in person, it is crucial to ensure that the person has not been previously validated by someone else, and that the information they provide is accurate. To ensure the security and authenticity of the validation process, we recommend that you request a valid form of identification during a video call to verify the individual’s identity. This extra step helps us to maintain the highest level of security and to prevent fraudulent activities in the Ofero Network ecosystem.

Please note that a single person cannot have more than one Ofero Network validated account. Violating this regulation will result in a 20% penalty on the bridged tokens. Being a Validator is a privilege, not a right.

Current Validators

We are proud to have the following Validators in our Ecosystem (we have listed their names in a random order):

If you have any further questions about becoming a Validator or the bridging to the BNB Chain, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Telegram channel. We appreciate your support and look forward to your participation in the Ofero Network community.