The projects developed by Ofero Network cover a diversified area of domains
(an area in continuous expansion), with the aim of providing solutions,
functionalities, and opportunities for as many types of investors and users as
Whether designed, implemented, and developed on a small or large scale,
short or long-term, Ofero Network projects contribute not only to the
construction and sustainability of the ecosystem but also to its expansion at
the global level, step by step and idea by idea.

project ofero

Our projects

Ofero Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to swap $OFE and other coins available on the MultiversX blockchain in a fast and easy way. It also allows $OFE holders to view their staking in real time.

MultiversX Blockchain-powered marketing search engine. In the coming years, will be the portal for onboarding over 50.000 Romanian companies on the blockchain. Each business owner that will advertise on the portal will receive a reward of 20% of the invested amount, in OFE tokens. ~40% of the investment will be later added to liquidity in order to increase the stability of the OFE token.

Ofero Events

The events platform that integrates blockchain technology based on ticketing.