Ofero Network: May Recap – A Month of Milestones and Innovations in Blockchain and DeFi

Written by: Emmanuel Moses


May was an exceptional month for Ofero Network, as the platform made significant strides in the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) space. From enhancing the Ecosystem Rewards program to launching the BEP-20 Seed Sale on Binance Smart Chain and forming strategic partnerships, Ofero Network continued to demonstrate its leadership in innovation. Let’s delve into the exciting developments that unfolded within the Ofero Network ecosystem throughout the month.

Ecosystem Rewards Upgrade:

Ofero Network introduced major updates to the Ecosystem Rewards program, providing token holders with enhanced benefits. Users can now earn rewards while contributing to the growth and development of the ecosystem. The updated rewards program includes various tiers, such as Aegis Ecosystem Rewards, Validator Ecosystem Rewards, Validation Rewards, Validated Users Ecosystem Rewards, and Non-Validated Users Ecosystem Rewards. Visit for more information on the updated Ecosystem Rewards.

BEP-20 Seed Sale on Binance Smart Chain:

Ofero Network successfully launched the BEP-20 Seed Sale on Binance Smart Chain. This limited-time sale provided participants with an opportunity to be part of the ecosystem’s growth. Whether experienced investors or newcomers to blockchain, interested individuals could secure their spot and learn more about the campaign at

$OFE MultiversX Listing on Coindataflow:

$OFE MultiversX achieved a significant milestone by getting listed on Coindataflow. This renowned platform offers comprehensive price and market information, providing investors and enthusiasts with valuable resources to stay updated with the latest developments in the $OFE market. Explore market trends, historical data, and gain insights by visiting the dedicated $OFE page on Coindataflow at

Ecosystem Rewards Distribution:

Ofero Network distributed Ecosystem Rewards for April, showing appreciation for the support of the community. Over 600 validated holders received a distribution of 842,663.99 $OFE tokens. This distribution exemplifies the network’s commitment to rewarding its loyal community members.

New Policy Announcement: Encouraging Active Participation and Contribution:

Ofero Network unveiled an exciting new policy aimed at incentivizing active participation and contribution from $OFE token holders. The policy seeks to foster a stronger sense of ownership and collaboration among community members, driving the growth and development of the network to new heights.

Introducing xBoost: Unlocking Optimal Returns on Ofero Exchange:

Ofero Network introduced xBoost, an innovative investment tool on Ofero Exchange. xBoost empowers users by amplifying their investment potential through attractive bonus rewards. With a 20% bonus reward and a 12-month Dollar Cost Averaging program for dust conversion, users can significantly boost their returns and gradually build their portfolio for long-term financial stability.

Building Great Partnerships – Buidly’s xDust Converter and Proteo DeFi:

Ofero Network formed strategic partnerships with Buidly’s xDust Converter and Proteo DeFi. The collaboration with Buidly’s xDust Converter streamlines the conversion of dust from MEX, USDC, and WEGLD into $OFE tokens, enhancing liquidity within the ecosystem. The partnership with Proteo DeFi introduces exciting features like dual farms ($OFE – $EGLD), lending collateralization with $OFE tokens, raffle ticket purchases, and dApp integrations.

Ofero Connect Sibiu:

Ofero Connect, a community-focused event, successfully brought together over 70 passionate members in Sibiu. Attendees had the opportunity to connect, network, and engage with the Ofero Network. A recap of the event can be found at

Claim Function Enabled:

Ofero Network enabled the claim function for locked OFE tokens in the migration smart contract on Ofero Exchange. This update is expected to increase volume and activity for $OFE, strengthening its position within the MultiversX Ecosystem.

Ofero Staking – Amplify Your $EGLD Holdings and Earn More:

Ofero Network launched Ofero Staking, a platform dedicated to staking $EGLD tokens. By staking $EGLD, participants can access attractive benefits and increase their earning potential within the network. To incentivize participation, Ofero Network offered a limited-time promotion of 0% fees for the next 30 days.

Join Our Sales Team:

Ofero Network extended an invitation to blockchain enthusiasts to join their Sales Team at, a blockchain-based advertising project within the network. Talented individuals were encouraged to apply for this exciting opportunity through the provided link.

Introducing May Zealy Sprint Quest:

The Zealy Sprint Quest, launched in May, offered participants the chance to compete for over $550 worth of prizes, including the grand prize of 10,000 $OFE tokens. The quest aimed to provide an exhilarating experience while fostering community engagement within the Ofero Network.

Battle of the Titans Trading Contest:

Ofero Network initiated the “Battle of the Titans” Trading Contest, focusing on the OFE/EGLD trade pair. Traders had the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for a share of the 20 EGLD prize pool, paid in $OFE tokens.

Crypto Valley Conference:

Ofero Network participated in the Crypto Valley Conference, held in Rotkreuz, Switzerland. This prestigious event gathered industry leaders to share insights and foster innovation. Attendees had the chance to learn more about the progress of the Ofero Network ecosystem and engage with the team.


May was a month filled with remarkable achievements and exciting developments within the Ofero Network ecosystem. The enhancements to the Ecosystem Rewards program, the successful BEP-20 Seed Sale, strategic partnerships, policy updates, and the introduction of innovative features showcased Ofero Network’s commitment to driving innovation in the blockchain and DeFi space. With a strong community and a focus on user engagement, Ofero Network is well-positioned to revolutionize the future of finance. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as the network continues to shape the industry.

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