📰 Last Week in OFERO: Your Weekly Update 📅 (5th June – 11th June)

Written by: Emmanuel Moses

Greetings, Ofero community! It’s been an eventful week here at OFERO, and we’re excited to share some significant developments and updates with you.

🚀 OFE/EGLD Liquidity Boost

In an exciting advancement, we launched our Liquidity Program on xExchange last week, presenting an OFE/EGLD liquidity boost. To participate and reap the rewards, simply deposit liquidity in the OFE/EGLD pair by the 30th of June and hold it for 3 months. Upon campaign completion, you’ll be eligible to unlock a bountiful 70% Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

🌾 Unfolding the $OFE Farms

We’re thrilled to announce our recent partnership with @ProteoDefi. This collaboration led to the deployment of two new dual farms on their platform. While one farm is open to all, the other caters exclusively to Proteo Elite users featuring the $OFE – $EGLD pair. The dual farms offer striking APRs of approximately 252% and 384% in $OFE and sProteo, respectively. Visit the ProteoDefi farming platform to explore these and many more exciting opportunities.

📢 Wrapping up the Ofero Trading Contest

Kudos to the top 10 traders who showed exceptional prowess in the “Battle of the Titans: The Ofero Trading Contest”. The contest, which concluded on June 5th, 2023, rewarded these talented individuals with a total of 20 EGLD, paid entirely in $OFE.

🆕 OFE BEP-20 Token Support on Ofero.Exchange

Our platform, Ofero.Exchange, now proudly supports OFE BEP-20 tokens from the Binance Smart Chain. This update ensures a seamless user experience, enabling effortless viewing and management of your OFE BEP-20 tokens directly within the Ofero Exchange interface. Additionally, we have successfully rectified our Binance migration smart contract, ensuring accurate display of the remaining time for token claims.

🌱 Phase 1 of the Ofero Network Seed Sale Concluded

Phase 1 of the Ofero Network Seed Sale, completed on June 6th, 2023, was a resounding success. Our heartfelt thanks to all the investors who believed in our project and contributed financially. All participants have now received their full investments, along with associated rewards, in the form of OFE BEP-20 tokens.

🗣 Engaging AMA Session

Last week, our CEO, Adrian Vasiu, led an engaging AMA session on our Romanian Telegram channel, offering valuable insights into market trends and the future roadmap of our company. Stay tuned for more updates!

🎉 Join the Zealy Sprint Quest

The live Zealy Sprint Quest is set to conclude on June 12th, 2023. Join now and stand a chance to win a share of over $550 worth of prizes in $OFE.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being a vital part of our journey. Let’s continue to navigate the world of crypto together, exploring endless possibilities!

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