The Value

Understanding Your Ofero Network Value

As a user in the Ofero Network ecosystem, your value is calculated based on various factors. These factors include your involvement in the network, your ownership of $OFE Tokens, and your participation in various activities within the ecosystem.

One of the main factors that determines your value is your ownership of Ofero tokens (OFE). Your current OFE balance is added to your overall value on a 1:1 basis. Additionally, if you are a validator in the network, 3.6% of all validated wallet holdings will also contribute to your value.

Another way to increase your value is through the migration of tokens to the Binance Chain. When you migrate tokens to the BNB Chain, 100% of the migrated tokens will contribute to your overall value.

If you create a validator in the ecosystem, you will receive a value of $500 for each validator you create. If you decide to become a validator yourself, you will receive a bonus of $5,000 as well. Additionally, if you own an Aegis, your value will increase by $1,000,000, and if you are an admin of an Aegis, your value will increase by $10,000.

Finally, there are custom values assigned to specific activities within the ecosystem. These can include participating in community events as a member or validator, being active on social media channels, and other similar actions.

Overall, the Ofero Network calculates your value based on a variety of factors, all of which are designed to encourage and reward active participation within the ecosystem.

The ecosystem rewards are determined by a 10% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that is based on your current value within the ecosystem. This means that if your value is $120,000, you will receive a monthly reward of 1,000 OFE tokens.

The higher your value, the greater your monthly rewards.

Explained in a table:

Value Calculation Amount
36% from all $OFE Holdings of the validated wallets, if you are a validator 36% of all validated wallets
100% from the migrated tokens to the BNB Chain 100% of migrated tokens to BNB Chain
For each validator you create into the Ecosystem $500 per validator
For each validated wallet you onboard $100 per onboarded wallet
For joining Ofero Network and making your profile public $100 for having a public profile
If you decide to become a Validator $5,000 for becoming a Validator
If you own an Aegis $1,000,000 for owning an Aegis
If you are an admin of Aegis $10,000 for being an Aegis admin
If you are under an Aegis (not in Underworld) $1,000 for being under an Aegis (not in Underworld)
Your current OFE balance Current OFE balance added 1:1
Custom values for activities you do inside the ecosystem (participating to events as a community member/validator, being active on our Social Media channel and similar things) Custom values for ecosystem activities

The Ofero Network Value Calculation Program is in Beta mode and might be adjusted accordingly without any prior notice.